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As you move through the courses, we will provide you with the opportunity to engage in some learning activities to improve your knowledge and entrepreneurship understanding.

Your average mark in those activities will be included in your final mark (check the assessment system)

Those activities are:

1. Entrepreneur profile. It counts 25% of the activities total mark.

2. Idea Presentation. Another 25%.

3. Performance about Roundtables. The average valuation on those performance counts for another 25% of activities total mark.

4. In-class activities. The last 25%.

Please, check the calendar for due dates.

Entrepreneur profile

This activity can be made individually or in group.

You are asked personally to interview an entrepreneur and write a post on the interview. An entrepreneur can be your mentor or another one you know, he/she must be the original founder of the business or current owner, and should not be your close relative.

The post should be about 500 words and cover three primary areas. First, it should discuss the background and characteristics of the entrepreneur, as well as the history and nature of the business. Second, the report should include discussion of lessons learned by the entrepreneur as related to you by the entrepreneur. Third, the report should include your evaluation of the entrepreneur, and what you personally take from the experience.

Idea Presentation



After some activities (mainly roundtables), students should make a performance about it (video, presentation, comic, ….) and upload to the link that will be available.

This activity can be done individually or in group and will be evaluated by your classmates.

First performance will be about Startup Weekend Presentation. Please, upload your work to this link:


Due date: Sunday 21st September.

In-class activities

 During the semester you will make some exercises and cases in class that will be evaluated by your lecturer.