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The Project

The project in the course involves working in a team to develop a unique business idea and produce a thoroughly researched and validated, well written, and outstanding presented Business Proposal.

Teams must be multinational and with a maximum of 4 members.

Once you have your team and your business idea, your travel starts and it will have the following main steps:

1. Lets make a brief draft of our business (Lean Canvas) and set up the hipothesis we have assume.

2. Who is your customer?

3. How can you help your customer?

4. How does your customer acquire your product/service and why your customer will come back to you?

5. Are you sure of your conclusions? Validate.

6. How are you going to build your product/service?

7. Can you make money?

8. Then, deliver and present your project.

 To go from step 1 to 8:

1. You should post your findings in the course blog every two weeks within your team name category.

2. Your lecturer will give you feed back in class and by making comments on the blog.

3. You could deviver some drafts during the course to be revised by myself; if so, please upload it on moodle.

4. You can download an outine that will help you to structure your project.

3. You will be helped by a mentor, which is a local entrepreneur.

I provide you with an outline that should be adapted to your needs and your own style.

The most important is that your final project must show your research justifying your conclusions and decisions, in adition of proving that it is a innovative and profitable project.