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Project Delivery and Presentation

Project Delivery

You must hand the Project in to me five days before the exam. You should deliver the following documents:

1. The project and additional documentation you feel will make easier for me to evaluate it (Financials can be handed in with an Excel file).

2. A file containing only the Executive Summary.

3. A brief description of the project (one or two sentences).

Delivery should be made through the links that appear below.

Files’ name is very important, please follow these criteria:

Project Project name-Projec
Annexes (if any) Project name-AnnexXX
where XX is the annex number
Executive Summary Project name-Executive Summary

Links are in moodle.

Project Presentation

Presentations date and venue to be announced.

Each team will have a maximun of 10 minutes to convince audience of investing in its venture. You decide which members of your team will present the project but all of them must to be on the room in order to receive a mark.

Visual aids must be uploaded the day before presentation using this link: